Our Company

For 35+ years, World Wide Graphics Corporation has fostered a commitment to customers and partners around the world. We pride ourselves in understanding technological advances, customer needs and embracement of change to compete in the Information Age. For this reason, we are restructuring and developing our new product lines while maintaining our expertise in the traditional web offset coater sector.

OUR MISSION is to be the leading supplier of aqueous perfecting coaters to the global digital continuous feed print markets. Our customer-centric focus is intrinsically linked to the printers and consumers of variable digital print media. We measure success through product excellence, cost effectiveness, streamline efficiency for operators and profitability for print customers and manufacturing partners. Our philosophy is devoted to those we serve both internally and externally balanced around our TEAM concept—Trust, Empowerment, Accountability and Mutual Respect.

Trust—Working together for the benefit all through dignity and integrity.

Empowerment—Encouraging development of sustainable products through innovation, process improvement and technological advances to grow market share.

Accountability—Exceed customer expectations and promote internal ownership of products and services.

Mutual Respect—Building a culture of inclusiveness fostering growth personally and professionally.